Welcome to Stolen Quads & Bikes

We are still in the process of designing and developing this site. Should you have any suggestions, please drop us an e-mail.

We want to help you in the recovery of your stolen quad or bike by creating a centralised database of stolen quads & bikes with the assistance of Insurance Companies, Dealers, Service Centres and  Law Enforcement Authorities.

Whilst it is very important that you report the theft of your quad or bike to the police, the details stay in the police records only. The theft does not get the widespread publicity that the world wide web offers.

By registering the theft with us you are increasing the exposure and thus increasing the chances of recovery.

If we all put our resources, contacts, eyes and ears together, we can get our own back. Now is the time, don't let the perpetrators get away with it. 

Should you wish to report your quad/bike stolen, please go to Report Stolen Quads & Bikes and submit as much info as possible. Once we receive your info, we will load it on our website.

Please note that all information submitted on this site will be treated with the strictest confidence and will only be divulged with your permission to the relevant authorities.

Thank you. Please call back soon.